Why is CCTV important?

Nowadays crime has been increasing in a fast mode. Our security systems offer special and different functionality that separates it from all CCTV Surveillance Systems.

We offer secure enterprise grade surveillance at an affordable price. We build our own software to allow unique and powerful features not available from other vendors.

This includes niche functions:
> People counting
> Time lapse
> Push notifications
> Number plate detection
> Thermographics


In our business and yours, time is literally money. Your staff are earning wages and salaries, for which they must deliver work and efficiency at your premises/offices.

Without a comprehensive time and attendance solution, money and time are wasted, with payment for non-work, excessive overtime, or buddy-clocking.

Smart Business Systems recommends to every one of our customers, to install the best time and attendance software and hardware currently available, to maximize their return on investment and streamline their business processes

Install a high quality biometric reader and capture your staffs fingerprint or biometric details. Staff begin to CLOCK-IN and CLOCK-OUT everyday.

These transactions are sent via network, wireless, mobile, or 3g, to our comprehensive time and attendance software, which interprets this data, and displays it in your customizable reporting, include all normal time, overtime, leaves (sick, annual, family etc). Our time and attendance software is able to meet any requirements you may have, and will streamline your HR and Payroll business processes.

Every day your business is without a time and attendance solution from Smart Business Systems, money is being spent and wasted. Everyone one of our customers has seen a ROI, from between 1-9 months, dependant on various factors (like staff number, selected fingerprint readers, significance of current time management issues etc)

Start with the best time-and-attendance system today by contact Smart Business Systems, the leading experts in biometric time and attendance solutions.


Access Control in the 21st century is a paramount to any business, to secure their assets and premises.

Physical access control is all about who is on your site, where they are going, and when they are allowed and not allowed to access certain areas and assets. In the past this was accomplished using keys and standard door locks. When the door was locked, the key was used to unlock the door and for the user to gain access.

Obviously, with modern bio-metric technology and locks, our clients are able to manage every aspect of their access control requirements.

From managing only one entrance door to managing entire companies buildings, factories and office-blocks, our Access Control Solutions deliver security, reliability and peace of mind to you.

‘Leakage’ is a major problem at depots and factories, making access control solutions delivered imperative for every customer.

Vehicle Booms,  Turnstiles, Booths, Barriers, Magnetic-locks

Start with the best time-and-attendance system today by contact Smart Business Systems, the leading experts in biometric time and attendance solutions.

Software management policies enforced by various hardware elements and barriers installed on your premises/buildings which controls who can go where and when.





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